RECAP: 26 March 2018

It was a busy weekend for the most important Twitter account in the world. President Donald Trump used his virtual megaphone to mourn the victims of last Friday’s terror attack in Trebes, France while advocating for stronger borders.

He accused Democrats of abandoning DACA recipients while promising to secure funding to complete his lofty border wall plans. The president even touted his own fame and fortune in a confusing pair of tweets collusion with Russia and his ability to hire a legal team.

Noticeably absent from President Trump’s twitter feed, however, was any mention of Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview on Sunday night. His “fake news” tweet early on Monday morning seemed to serve as his response.

The adult film star allegedly had an affair with now-president Trump in 2006, and signed a non-disclosure agreement with his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, before the 2016 election. In exchange for signing the agreement, Daniels received a $130,000 payment from Cohen. The president continues to deny the affair.

With the exception of his shot at what he deemed to be Fake News, president Trump tweeted exclusively about the economy Monday. The Dow was up 669.40 points at the end of the day, suggesting that fears over a trade war with China have cooled following a 1,802.54 point slide over the last two weeks.

News broke on Monday morning that the Trump administration was making progress in trade talks with China. Discussions about reducing the trade deficit and lowering tariffs on automobiles are underway. Trump’s plan is an ambitious one, however- he is seeking a $100 billion, nearly one-third, reduction in United States’ trade deficit with China.


News of the talks comes after months of rising tensions between the U.S. and China, which peaked when Trump’s plan to impose tariffs on Chinese imports lead to the widespread sale of U.S. stocks, leading to turmoil in global financial markets.

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