The president’s tweets are not just tweets- he has the ability to hold a press conference at his fingertips, and his use of this platform must be covered in the same way that the media covers traditional press conferences. It is the responsibility of the media, specifically journalists, to prosecute the president’s tweets.

Today in Trump Tweets’ priorities are:

  • To educate voters in order to facilitate a more informed electorate.
  • To remain objective and report with a commitment to fact, not partisanship.
  • To combat the spread of “fake news.”
  • To provide a reference for those looking to better understand @realDonaldTrump tweets

Today in Trump Tweets’ strategies for accomplishing this mission are:

  • Fact-checking @realDonaldTrump tweets to confirm their accuracy
  • Analyzing @realDonaldTrump tweets to determine how they affect policy
  • Reporting on @realDonaldTrump tweets to inform readers of my findings